Opportunities in Hotel Management in India

March 7th, 2013| News, Travel.

Opportunities in Hotel Management in India

Hotel Management

There are no sufficient employees to work in the hotel management industry. The necessity of the employees is known by the fact that the industry is planning to appoint around one lakh people in the coming three years. This is not only the problem of the hotels and restaurants but is of the same with the resorts and great star hotels. To recruit the new employees is one problem and to safeguard the existing employees is another target for the industries. The industries are trying to offer the incentives and increase of the salaries to keep the existing employees to continue in the work. The hotel management head is used to say that it is a big problem to appoint the employees in this field and that is the reason they recruit the known persons so that they cannot leave the industry soon.

Low Supply

According to the survey which is conducted by Crisil there is an estimation that around 12,500 graduates are coming out from among 31 hotel management institutes in the private sector every year. There is a great demand for these graduates to recruit in the star hotels. The reason for this demand for these graduates is the vacancies of around 54,000 posts in the very premium segment only. In the next coming two years, there are chances for the increase of the rooms and the demand for these graduates will be increased a lot.

Training Centers

There are no chances to get rid of the problem of recruiting the employees in the hotel industry.  It is good to concentrate on the hotel management industry for the students who wish to have a career of their own after their graduation. To meet the needs there is also necessity to arrange training centers.