Who were the Pallava kings? | Contributions of the Pallavas

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Who were the Pallava kings? | Contributions of the Pallavas

The Pallava kings used to rule the empire with the capital as Kanchipuram and there are no evidences about the origin of the Pallavas. There is an opinion that they belong to the Thondai region and there are no details about the person who established the empire. Mahendravarman ruled from 600 to 630 A.D and next Narasimhavarman ruled from 630 to 668 A.D. Mahendravarman lost the battle in the hands of the chalukyan king Pulikesi and Narasimhavarman defeated him and handover the Badhami region. There are Buddhist and Jain temples in the Pallava region.

The grandson of the Narasinhavarman who was Parameswaravarman ruled the empire from 670 to 680 A.D. After him, his son Narasimhavarman – II had ruled the kingdom from 680 to 720 A.D. The people were prosperous during his rule and he had built many temples near the Kailash temple in Kanchipuram. The Cholas kings had influenced the south India and the Pallavas were also influenced by Cholas. The Sanskrit and Tamil languages were given importance and the Pallavas gave importance to the Indian poetry. The stone chariots in the Mahabalipuram were constructed in the Pallavas period.

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