PAN Card Problems | Tips to apply PAN CARD

December 22nd, 2009| News.

For any transactions Permanent Account Number (PAN) is compulsory. But to get the pan card is a bit tuff process only. There is no use even with the private agencies in getting PAN card. These are some of the tips to get PAN card easily and also to rectify the mistakes while getting the PAN card.

pan cardPAN CARD problems:

There arise problems like no full name on the card, delay in delivery by the courier companies, coming with the name of the father than that of the main person, delay in getting card even after applied, mistakes in the card details, precising the original name and also mistakes in writing the address and so on; The person must live in the same address that was mentioned in the card at least for 6 months. The name in the address proof can be used as the ID proof .The major problem took place in the surname issue that no two persons write alike. For example the Indians write in one style and Tamilians write in another style and these differences are raised by the employees in the offices and make the customers vex. The lack of knowledge and training for the employees is the major reason for this. There are no specific rules for the Hindu family system and explanation is to be given even if the address is changed. In this way there are a number of problems in getting PAN card.

The details like the assistant officer ward, circle, area code and range code are not known to the customers and even the out sourcing societies are not offering those information’s. All these mistakes are increasing only after the issue of the PAN card through the out sourcing process.

Tips to apply PAN CARD:

In order to rectify all these problems these are the tips for the consumers for better services. They are as follows:

  • All the information is to be mentioned separately in detail in English.
  • Signature is to be done only under the box given below the photo.
  • Attestation is to be done by the magistrate, notary and gazette officer if signature is done as finger prints.
  • Forum 49-A is to be used.
  • The size of the photo must be only 3.5+2.5cm.
  • Identity proof is to be attached
  • The information about the code is to be given.
  • Postal address is to be written clearly and completely.
  • The same name which is mentioned in the application is to be used for ID proof.
  • Fill the application without any mistakes or else take another application if there are any mistakes.
  • The details like pin, address and Email are to be given clearly.
  • The photo is to be pasted, do not pin it.
  • The signature should not cross the given box.
  • If the name does not match with the papers, the proof is to be submitted.
  • Do not apply for another PAN card if you are already a PAN card holder.
  • Do not write the husband name in place of father name.
  • Do not write abbreviations and short cuts in place of full name.

By following these tips one can get the PAN card easily. Even after this process if one do not get the PAN card consult the higher officials.

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