Pandita Ramabai was a poetess & social reformer | Ramabai has set up Mukti Mission

June 7th, 2011| In India.

Pandita Ramabai was a poetess & social reformer | Ramabai has set up Mukti Mission
Pandita Ramabai
Pandita Ramabai can be described as person with vision and courage.  She is well read, is a poetess and a social reformer.  She established ‘Mukti mission’ 15 kms west from Pune.  Thousands of women and children used to take shelter in Mukti mission.  After getting relief from the bad experiences in life they used to step out to begin a new life.  Ramabai supported children left by parents, orphans, child widows etc.

Pandita Ramabai was born on 23rd April, 1858 in Karnataka in a traditional Hindu family.  Her father Ananda Sastri Dongre worked hard to make his wife and daughter experts in the Sanskrit language.  In those women rarely studies.  Ramabai could study only because of the support of her father.  She developed individuality between much opposition.  She toured many cities explaining the objective of establishing her organization Mukti Mission.  She helped many suppressed women.

In 1883 Ramabai went to England to get trained for working for women.  She wrote a book ‘Stree Dharma Neeti’ that contained the duties and responsibilities of women.  She learnt English language also.  There was a famine in the year 1900 and Ramabai travelled in a bullock cart to help those who are in need.  She converted to Christianity and worked very hard to introduce this religion to India.  Her thoughts and emotions were received positively by people of India.

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