In view the latest copy/patent rights the Prasadam of Sri Lord Venkateswara

September 18th, 2012| News.

Tirupati LadduIn view the latest copy/patent rights the Prasadam of Sri Lord Venkateswara has got devotional recognition in the world and all the devotees of Lord Venkateswara are very happy on this news. As per this copy rights reserved, any other devasthanam or any business community in the world are not entitled to use the Traditional formula of Prasadam mixture in any shape . To this effect the Tirumal Tirupati Devasthanm, Tirupati has received the copy right orders. Previously this kind of rights have got only by the firms named Darjeeling tea, Madhuban Paintings and Goa Feni.

As per the traditional production some of the items are got very good value in public eye. As such this interest should be protected by the Geographical Indication Registry. As such the copy/patent rights will be examined and issued by the Geographical Indication Registry to the eligible and important firms organizations. As such this copy right will give protection and patent rights. The Tirumala Devasthanam traditional activities, are noticed by the this Geographical Indication Registry and known about the value of Tirupathi Laddu and taste and devotional affection. In interest of public and demand from the devotees of Lord Venkateswara, the Geographical Indication Registry has come forward and issued the patent/copy rights.Hereafter no business community or devotional organization are not eligible to attempt copying formula of our Tirumala LADDU. So all world wide devotees of LORD SRI VENKATESWARA ARE VERY HAPPY TO HEAR ABOUT THE LATEST COPY /PATENT RIGHTS ISSUED BY THE INTERNATIONAL GEOGRAPHICAL PATENT DEPARTMENT.