October 1st, 2012| Finance, How To, News.

Hereafter the electricity bills payment can be made at any time by the customers. To this effect in the type of Bank ATMs, the A.T.C (Any time collection) centers are arranging shortly. For demonstration purpose in the purview of Eastern Power Distribution company, Ltd. (EPDCL) is establishing these machines.

Like Bank ATMs model these ATCs are keeping in a special Room. The customers have to take the current bill receipt with them, keep the same in the machine and they can deposit their due amount as indicated in the bill. In view of this kind of payment facility, the customers can pay their dues in these centers at any time. But the organization of ATCs centers are demanding more money as services charges. Therefore the Electricity Discom centers in the AP are not favorable to these machines. Presently the EPDCL is seeing the arrangements of ATCs. . For single bill payment the remuneration of Rs. from 5 /- to 4/- is demeaning by the machine established institutions. This amount cannot be recovered from the customer as such the same should be born by the concerned Discom. But this financial burden is heavy to the discom. Therefore the EPDCL is also not interested to adopt these machines in their purview.


  • ATCs are keeping in a special Room as in the case bank ATMs
  • On opening of the machine immediately the machine will display the bar code mentioned on the customer bill.
  • The total due amount indicated on the bill can be recorded by the machine.
  • The due amount can be paid by the customers in the shape of cheque or in cash mode.
  • Is there is any change to be returned to the customer, the same will be returned by this machine.
  • The customer who has used this machine for making payment of Electricity bills , there is no need to pay any etc., amount
  • The cost of the expenditure for the maintenance of the machine should be borne by the concerned discom.

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