Photon TV from Tata Indicom Datacard | Photon TV Tariff, Subscription Charges

December 3rd, 2009| Prices.

TV in  laptopPhoton TV from Tata Indicom Datacard : If you are on the way to New Delhi in the train, it takes nearly 24hrs for any superfast train to reach the destination. But, there was going an interesting match between India and Srilanka and you are unable to watch it live. What to do? For this kind of problems, Tata Tele Services gave its helping hand by supplying the application that is needed to telecast the match live. Many interesting offers are been launched by Tata like the 1p/sec of Docomo and same with pay per call plan with Tata and in the same stream, Photon TV was released through Photon plus internet broad band platform on Wednesday. By this Photon TV the customers can watch all the TV channels in their laptops even though they are moving from one place to other. This photon TV can be connected not only to the laptop but can also download from the PC and can watch TV programs.

photon tvPhoton TV Tariff, Subscription Charges : The TV channels that can be watched through photon TV are Sakshi, TV9, IBN, NDTV, CNN, Zee TV and also many other English and Hindi channels. Talks are going on with the Telugu channel operators and as soon as possible even Telugu channels are also telecasted in photon TV. The subscription charges for the photon TV are if we want to watch only single channel it is Rs.4 per month, Rs.29 for 10 channels and Rs.75 for all the channels telecasted by them and these charges are not included with the registration Which is Rs.3500.Rs.75p/min is to be charged if we connect internet through photon TV.