Physical Anthropology is being given weight age in Civil services main exam Paper – 1| Scoring is easy in Anthropology – Analysis of model question paper

September 29th, 2010| Education.

Physical Anthropology is being given weight age in Civil services main exam Paper – 1| Scoring is easy in Anthropology – Analysis of model question paper

Civil Services main exams are going to begun from the last week of October.  They will continue till the end of November.  Many of the candidates are choosing anthropology as the optional subject for these exams.  It is not very difficult to score good marks if the changes and trends in the question paper in recent times are observed carefully.

Anthropology Paper-1 contains 3 important sections.  Social anthropology, Cultural anthropology and physical Anthropology are the main topics.

Social anthropology contains topics like marriage, family, relations, religion, political, finance etc in the human society.  Cultural anthropology syllabus contains topics like how the culture of humans developed and various theories relating to evaluation of civilization.  This is also called the anthropological thought.  Physical anthropology contains biological development of human and human genetics.

If the three parts of Anthropology are applied to India then that becomes the Indian Anthropology.  Paper – 2 contains this syllabus.  Anthropology can be understood easily even though the students have studied different subject in degree and post graduate levels.  Therefore many people are showing interest in this subject.

If we observe Paper – 1, till recent times there used to be two sections.  First section used to contain questions from social science.  There used to be an option to select either cultural anthropology or physical anthropology in the second section.  Very few people used to select physical anthropology.  With the changes UPSC made win the syllabus, Physical anthropology is now have more weight age.  One of the two sections in Paper – 1 is completed allotted to Physical Anthropology.  Many topics of physical anthropology are included in the first section also.  So Physical anthropology now has a weight age of nearly 75%.

2008, 2009 question papers also prove the above.  Of the total 8 questions asked in the two sections of paper-1, 5 questions are coming from Physical Anthropology (4 questions from part-A and 1 question from part – B).  That means if the candidate is well prepared in Physical anthropology, he can attempt the paper for 280 marks.  At least 200 marks can be scored if the subject is understood completely.  The questions in Section – A of 2008, 2009 question papers are straight and easy.

  • In 2008 questions from evolution theory were asked for 60 marks.  Questions from biological anthropology and protein synthesis were asked each for 20 marks.
  • In 2009 essay question was divided in to 2 questions for the first time.  One of the questions was about Australopithecines and the other was about skeletal changes due to erect posture.  Each question was for 30 marks.  Questions for 20 marks were asked about Homo habilis, Natural Selection.

If we observe the questions trend in section – A, 4 questions are to be answered for 100 marks.  Questions are straight and simple.  Do not by heart the answers.  Read the 4 chapters carefully analyzing them.  Thus the questions in section – B can e understood easily.

  • For example Biological basis of life topic in Section – B is related to all the other topics.  Forces changing gene frequencies, Race formation topics have a close relation.  So reading the subject carefully enables to write answers easily for any question.
  • If Comparative anatomy, skeletal changes in man due to erect posture is studied carefully, any question from Hominid evolution can be answered.

Questions in Section – B are generally straight and simple.  This can be understood by observing the question papers of previous years.  Dividing the essay questions is the only change.  This is in fact benefit for those who read the subject deeply.  Do not leave Physical Anthropology under choice.  Candidates should keep all these changes in view and study Physical anthropology with more concentration.

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