Physiotherapy… Courses, Eligibility, Opportunities and salary details

July 31st, 2010| Education.

Physiotherapy… Courses, Eligibility, Opportunities and salary details

Physiotherapy is playing a vital role in the medicine field. They take part in the treatment when there is fracture in the bones due to accident or any other reason.  They generally give the advices to the patients on the exercises and therapies relate to the treatment.


There are bachelor and master degree available in these courses.

Bachelor of physiotherapy/ B.Sc (honors) physical therapy

Duration: 4 years

Eligibility: They should pass intermediate with science group (biology)

Master in physiotherapy

Duration: 4 years

Eligibility: BPT


Neurology, musculoskeletal/orthopedic, sports, cardio therapy and rehabilitation.


They should have the skill of detecting the problem and telling the related exercises. They should have the physical strength to work for hours and should have patience to teach the patients. Good observation skills, self confidence and courage are also required.


The physiotherapists are not sufficient for the present demand. And the demand is more for the people who complete this course and like other health professionals, they can work in the hospitals, orthopedic department, health institutes and security department. They can join as professor in the institutes, start their own clinic, work in rehabilitation centers. They have better opportunities in the foreign countries like America, Australia and Canada.


They earn Rs.25000 as the starting salary for the people working in the government hospitals and the starting salary for those freshers working in the private hospitals is Rs.10000 to Rs.15000. when they reach the position of chief physiotherapist with experience, they earn upto Rs.75000.

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