What is physiotherapy? | Course details and job opportunities of physiotherapy

November 7th, 2010| Jobs.

What is physiotherapy? | Course details and job opportunities of physiotherapy

The physiotherapy is the process of recognizing the problem faced by the body and giving the required treatment and provides a better life. They won’t use medicines in this therapy, they just use few machines. The exercise is compulsory in this treatment. For example, a person may not move the part of the body due to some accident or any other reason and this may affect the normal life. So they perform some exercises to that part so that the person behaves like a normal person. The machines used in the affected part will reduce the pain and the parts will be in the control. They won’t use any medicines and so there won’t be chances for the side effects. They can get the treatment for the knee pain, joint pain, back pain, paralysis and old age. The person who does the treatment is called as physiotherapist. He should work with the patient, family members and the staff. There are specializations in the physiotherapists like special for kids, specialty of particular parts and specialty in the aged people.

From the history, physiotherapy exists from 460 B.C only and Hippocrates is the first to use physiotherapy. In 1894, charted society for physiotherapy was established by four nurses and later on other countries had followed this tradition. The physiotherapy association established by Mary Macmillan in 1921 had later on changed into American physical therapy association. By 1940, physiotherapy had separated into separate treatment and later on it was also selected as a course. The MSPT and DPT are the master and doctoral programs in America. The course will start with the BSPT which is a bachelor degree. The course is for 5 years degree course in Philippines and this course also exists in Australia in the PG and degree levels. There are 3 year and 4 year programs in UK. There is importance in India also.

There are 30 colleges which are providing the BPT degree in Andhra Pradesh. All these colleges are working with the NTR health university and there are 50 seats in every college. The course is for 4 ½ years and half of the seats are given for management quota. There will be six months internship in the course and the seats are given based on the intermediate marks in BiPC. There will be general medicine, exercise therapy, bio mechanics, massage and electrotherapy along with the orthotherapy, neurotherapy and cardiotherapy. The candidates who complete this course can attach Dr. in front of their name and they should place the PT at the end of their names compulsorily. The masters of physiotherapy are provided by only 4 colleges in Andhra Pradesh and there are ortho, cardio, neuro and sports fields are there in this course. This is two year program and the people who completed this course are not getting government jobs. The private hospitals and clinics are taking these people and they can get the starting salary as Rs.10, 000. They can get good salary with few years of experience and they can also keep own clinics. There are jobs in the teaching category also and they can get good jobs in America. If they pass the physiotherapy license test, they can practice in America also.

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