Piercing Ears is Latest Trend and Trendy Pressing Ear ring Fashions in India

August 10th, 2010| In India.

Piercing Ears is Latest Trend and Trendy Pressing Ear ring Fashions in India

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Ear piercing 4 Ear piercing ear piercing

Piercing is not new to India.  Piercing ears and nose is a traditional practice of Indians.  This piercing has attracted the foreigners.  Now the fashion in the western countries is piercing the body to wear rings. Indians  are also following the western fashions.  This piercing has become a hot fashion with the young generation in Hyderabad.

Most of the celebrities of the silver screen are following this fashion.  Tennis star Sania Mirza also sports a nostril ring.    Piercing the body parts to decorate them with rings is the new trend.

Earlier women were worried about wearing rings on the ears as the ears may sag with the weight of the earrings. But new fashions have brought a change in the thinking of these women.  Now the ear can be pierced at nearly eight places.  Fans of the young heroes are following the footsteps of their favorite heroes.  As Hyderabad is fast developing as a fashion hub and metro culture is also developing people irrespective of their genders are wearing these rings.  Middle aged people also are trying this new look.  There are more and more piercing centers coming up with the increasing demand.  Not only the ears, forehead, naval area is also pierced to wear rings.

Earlier people were worried about the holes the piercing may cause on the ears.  Now artificial jewellery  is available in market.  These have to be just pressed with the fingers.  These can be used anywhere on the body.

Certain precautionary measure has to be taken before going for piercing.  The experience of the person has to be taken into consideration.  Go to an expert.  Otherwise the nerves may get damaged.  One should be very careful while piercing the forehead.  Temple area on the fore head  is very sensitive, and heavy compensation has to be paid if anything goes wrong.  Doctors are advising that it is better to use artificial jewellery.

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