Planets to look brighter in January, 2012-Mars to shine brightly in sky

January 11th, 2012| In India.

Planets come near earth in January, 2012



The neighbouring planets of earth – Jupiter, Venus and Mars will be visible for three to four days during night time in January, 2012. As the three planets Jupiter, Venus and Mars are coming near to the earth, these can be viewed clearly from 10.1.2012. Jupiter and Mars will appear in east direction. Jupiter can be seen till 01.30am and Mars will be visible till 11.45pm. Venus will appear in the sky in west direction till 08.00 on every night during January 2012.

Venus and Jupiter, the brightest starts of the sky will be visible from dusk during January 2012 and these will shine more brightly. Venus will be able see from all parts of the earth.  The planet Mars will also appear brighter in January 2012.