Plastic Currency Notes in India

September 13th, 2009| In India.

Plastic currency notesEveryone likes to have new currency notes, and tries to avoid to take teared notes, and dirty notes. In case of Rs.10, this problem is going to cleared soon in India. The new Rs.10 notes will be made up of Polymer. Actually RBI planned to make Rs.10 with plastic. RBI invited global tenders. The life of paper India currency is 1 year, where as the life of plastic currency notes will be 5 years. And making of duplicate plastic currency is very tough. Compare to paper currency, plastic currency will be clean and looks neat. To, avoid fake currency notes Australia first time in the world, introduced the polymer currency. Next, it has been introduced in New Zealand, Romania, Papua New Guinea, Bermuda, Brune, Viyatnam countries. October 20,2009 is the last date for submitting tenders in RBI. And RBI is not interested to change the higher denominations into polymer currency. but many people are sending requests to change the Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.500, Rs.1000 as plastic currency notes for less wear and tear.