The Most Popular Corporate gifts for Diwali | Reason for the distribution of Gifts on Diwali festival

November 2nd, 2010| In India.

The Most Popular Corporate gifts for Diwali | Reason for the distribution of Gifts on Diwali festival


Tasty Sweets, Luminous lightning, Noisy Crackers, Lakshmi Puja …Are the things that normally wander in our minds on thinking about Diwali.

But the custom of sending gifts on this occasion is widely followed in North India. Slowly this custom has spread all over India. The business of these gift accessories is growing steadily 20-25% every year. As per Asocham survey the budget of companies for Diwali gifts is about Rs.3, 200crores. Ascham’s survey says that a sum of about Rs.2, 025crores has been spent on gifts last year. A growth of 60% is expected this year on the sales of Handy Electronic devices and Accessories. As per Asocham the companies willing to present gifts to employees before Diwali generally belong to Pharmacy, IT-BPO, FMCG, Retail, Real Estate, Tourism, and Air transport sectors. Only the companies of Pharmacy, FMCG, Real Estate, and Air transport alone may distribute gifts worth 2, 000crores. As These companies steadily achieving double-digit growth, the respective promoters are willing to strengthen their business relations and corporate image. Diwali is the right time for it.

It is observed that most of the companies generally including gold, silver coins, wrist watches, briefcases, silver accessories, copper appliances candle stands and  clothes to present on Diwali. And iPods, DVD players and carpets arealso preferred. The age of presenting sweets, dry fruits, cakes, champagne, and candles has expired. These have been replaced with multi-functional iPods, DVD players, MP3 players, digital photo frames, coffee makers, costly mobile phones, LCD televisions, Swarovski ornaments, well designed steel accessories, and spa packages.

The reason for the distribution of Gifts on Diwali festival is

  • The competition in current market is tedious. It is as difficult to make a brand popular is as to create a new brand. It is a good way to convey regards to clients. To present the gifts directly to those clients wins their hearts for sure.
  • To attract new customers also Companies are distributing the gifts.
  • The ways of presenting gifts are also changing periodically. To create an everlasting impact on the customers, companies are not hesitating to spend huge amounts. They are spending about Rs.400 to Rs.30,000 on each gift to be presented on the Holy occasion.
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