Positive body language tips | Manners and proper body language plays an important role in interview

August 8th, 2010| In India.

Positive body language tips | Manners and  proper body language plays an important role in interview

Job interview means… questions and answers related to candidates’ subject skills, communication skills and if the interviewer gets satisfied with them, job will be given or if not satisfied, the applicants will be rejected. It is the common opinion. Many people forget about another angle of interview…. Body language. It gives information about the candidate many times than the verbal talk. Body language is the main factor based on which attitude of the candidate is assessed. So, to get success in interviews and to grow in career, it is necessary to concentrate on body language. Tips related to body language for corporate career aspirants……

Eye contact:

Proper eye contact should be maintained while talking to the interviewer. Proper eye contact will depict self confidence and honesty. It is essential to exhibit honesty and self confidence to grow in career. For this eye contact will help a lot. By having proper eye contact while talking, one can get an impression of having interested in the topic and as an honest person. But looking stirringly is not good. It gives an impression of overactive nature.

Facial expressions:

Facial expressions play an important role in the success in interviews. One gets good impression in the first look only by pleasant facial expressions. But it is not good to be over active and too much dull. One should not change the facial expressions instantly but should exhibit interest in the topic, professionalism and self confidence. Many people will bite their lips and look at ground. It is the depiction for lack of self confidence. So, try to be stable with pleasant, cool facial expressions without getting too much emotional.

Sitting position:

Interviewer may think that the candidate is not energetic, without any energy and is tired, if the candidate sits dull. No one would like to give job for persons not being energetic. So, be straight and be active whether you sit or stand. By bending forward while talking will give an impression that the person is interested in the topic.

It is also essential to take care that the legs and hand movements are also in proper way. Keep the hands relaxed at the time of interview without moving them much. Rest the legs on the floor while sitting. It gives negative impression when sit with hands folded or moving them too much. Giving shake hand completely, wishing with smile, exhibiting same smile and self confidence till the completion of interview will give good impression. Along with subject and skills, body language paves way for success in career.

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