Pranahitha Pushkaras from 6th December to 17th December, 2010 | Devotees take bath in Thriven Sangamam at Kaleshwaram during Pranahitha Pushkaras

December 8th, 2010| News.

Pranahitha Pushkaras from 6th December to 17th December, 2010 | Devotees take bath in Thriven Sangamam at Kaleshwaram during Pranahitha Pushkaras

Pranahitha- a tributary of River Godavari has its birth place in Maharashtra and merged in River Godavari at Karimnagar. Pushkaras, the 12 day celebrations that comes for every 12 years is starting in River Pranahitha from 6th December, 2010 to 17th December, 2010.  River Godavari, Pranahitha and River Saraswathi as Antarvaahini meet at a point near Kaleshwaram and this place is very popular as Triveni sangamam.  Estimating that nearly one lakh people come daily to take bath in Pranahitha government has made many arrangements for the convenience of devotees.  Pushkara Ghats has also been constructed in Adilabad district.

Planet Brihaspathi moves in each of the rasis for one year.  This year it is entering Meena raasi and so this year Pranahitha pushkaralu is being celebrated.  Devotees believe that taking bath in the river during pushkaralu make them relieve from all sins and offering pinda pradaanam for forefathers is also followed.

Important temples on the Banks of Pranahitha

There is a Siddi Anjaneya temple at Tonkini, Sirpur mandal, Adilabad district.  Karthik Maharaj ashram and Hanman mandir kshetram are famous in both Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.  Togu Venkatapuram temple which is in the border of Maharashtra receives devotees from both the states Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.  Vemana palli, where poet Vemana is believed to have lived for a few days is also famous.  Agastheshwara temple is situated near Chennur where Govadari is flowing as Panchakosa Uttaravahini.  It is said that the Shivalingam here is installed by Sage Agasthya.

Pushkara Ghats


  • Adilabad district: Arjuna gutta, vemanapalli, Tumdiheti have pushkara ghats.  Though these are forest areas, road facility is available.  Manchiryala, Sirpur Kagaz nagar are situated from these places at a a distance of nearly 70 kms.
  • Karimnagar District: At a distance of 140kms from the district head quarters, there is Mukteswara Swamy temple at Kaleshwaram in Mahadevapuram mandal.  Srisailam, Draksharaamam and Kaleshwaram are called Trilingalu.   Yamakonam, Navagraha, Kala Bhairrava, Matsyavataara and Subhananda Devi temples are famous here.  Devotees take bath here in the Trivenisangamam.


Other important pilgrim centers in Karimnagar District


  • Vemulavada: Famous Sri Rajarajeshwari temple is situated at Vemulavada at a distance of 38kms from the district head quarters.
  • Dharmapuri : Historical Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple is situated at a distance of 71kms from Dharmapuri head quarters.
  • Kondagattu: Kondagattu Anjaneyaswamy Temple is situated at Mutyamper, Malyal mandal 40kms from Karimnagar. Idols of Anajaneyaswamy, Venkateswara Swamy, Alwar and Lakshmi are installed in a 16 pillar mandapam.

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