Precautions to be taken during summer | Daily tips for Summer season

Precautions to be taken during summer | Daily tips for Summer season
– Drinking 15 glasses of water a day is very good for the skin.
– Taking the vegetables like bottle guard, ridge gourd and so on which are grown with the tendril are to be taken more in the daily diet.
– By drinking four coconuts a week makes the skin glow and shine.
– The skin becomes dark and pale during this summer especially for the people who mostly prefer pickles and non vegetarian food. So it is better to avoid these foods and make the skin healthy.
– The lemon is to be consumed in some way or the other in the daily diet.
– The feeling of thirst can be controlled by taking the butter milk which is mixed with Cumin (jeera) seeds.
– The vegetables like Cucumber, Tomato and Radish are to be taken in the diet as these maintain the moisture levels in the skin.
– A small tip to protect the skin from tan is keep a handful of jasmine or rose petals in water and place it in the fridge. When the skin becomes dull, dip the cotton in that water and rub the face and the neck with that cotton. This gives the skin a kind of relaxation and freshness to the skin.

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