Prepaid mobile customers can now get bill-TRAI categorized pre-paid vouchers

January 9th, 2012| In India.

Prepaid mobile customers to get bill


Prepaid mobile customers can now obtain bill for the services they have utilized. TRAI has taken necessary steps to help customers come out of the voucher confusions. It has also announced new rules for solving complaints.

Now prepaid mobile customers can obtain the bill for the services they have utilized. Telecom companies now will have to give the bill with all the details of services utilized by the customers when the customer requests for it. Mobile companies can charge Rs. 50 for this service. To protect the interest of prepaid mobile customers, TRAI has taken few measures which include the issue of itemized bill. The companies will have to give the bill within 30 days from the day they received the bill. The prepaid mobile user can now get the details such as tariff plan, talktime and other valued added service from the company for free. For the new users, telecom companies will have to give a Start up kit which includes SIM card and a citizen card.

The vouchers being sold by telecom operators are categorized into three. The vouchers are now standardized into plan vouchers, top-up vouchers and special tariff vouchers. Prepaid mobile customers will get Plan Vouchers when they take the Tariff plan. TRAI has also said that the vouchers should contain only value but no rules like it should be used within the time limit or that it will be useful for only few services. Each voucher should be in a different color so that the users can easily recognize them.

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