Preparation for CDSE | Personality test for CDSE

October 28th, 2010| Education.

Preparation for CDSE | Personality test for CDSE

Preparation for CDSE:
To get success in the CDS exam, continuous preparation and practice with concentration is required. They test the skills of the candidate in English, science and mathematics subjects. They test the knowledge in mathematics based on the tenth standard and they test the remaining subjects based on the knowledge obtained in degree level. English is given importance in the written exam and interview also. There are no advantages for urban area candidates when compared to rural area candidates.

There will be negative marking in the multiple choice questions and so the candidates should answer the question only when they know the right answer. If they imagine or guess the answer, then it would be difficult for them to get good marks. They should practice to answer the questions fast and correct. The general knowledge is more and it will confuse the candidates. It is a combination of history, geography, Indian politics, current affairs and general science. In order to gain the knowledge in this field, they should read the news papers and magazines daily. They will test the basic skills in English and so they should practice the basics more in English grammar.

Personality test for CDSE:
There will be different type of tests in this category.

  • Situational reaction test: They ask the questions from 60 different situations and they should answer them in 30 minutes.
  • Thematic association test: They will give 12 sets of pictures and they should write a story on them in 36 minutes.
  • Word association test: They will give 60 words and they should frame the sentences in 15 seconds for each word.
  • Group test: They will conduct this test among 8-10 people and they will conduct group planning, team discussion, debates and outdoor group tests.
  • Body test: SSB medical officers will check the body condition of the candidate.
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