Preparation for Civils with changes in the syllabus | Syllabus for Civils exam and Tips to get grip on paper 1, 2 in Civils

January 27th, 2011| Education.

Preparation for Civils with changes in the syllabus | Syllabus for Civils exam and Tips to get grip on paper 1, 2 in Civils

The importance of general studies had increased a lot and the marks are also increased to 200 from 150. So the candidates should study the topics to the depth than before. They should mainly collect the information about the conflicts, developments and issues which gained popularity. Candidates should have full clarity and they won’t score good marks if they remember the facts and figures.

UPSC is preparing the papers in a different way such that the candidates can’t expect the questions by seeing the previous papers. This change in the question papers can be observed for 4 to 5 years. So candidates should have originality and the preparation with previous papers and model papers wont b helpful to much extent.

Syllabus for Civils exam:
There are 7 parts in paper 1 in the changed pattern. Even though the syllabus is defined, the questions may be from outside. Syllabus is just given for awareness and candidates should not think that the questions will be asked only from that syllabus. In the case of objective paper, the questions may be asked from outside and so candidates should prepare properly.

So it is not enough to have the knowledge over Indian constituency and candidate should have the knowledge to observe the present issues also. They will be able to answer the questions of this type only when they have social awareness along with knowledge in the concept.

Paper 1 in Civils:
The paper 1 can be named as general studies and the syllabus in the general studies is same as the previous syllabus but there are slight changes made. They had mentioned the topics clearly and the topics which are not having clarity in the past are removed. There are no other major changes made in the general studies paper but they have extended the Indian constituency, political formation and rule. They had included the new issues like public policy, rights and conflicts. They had made important changes in the Indian economy also. They had included financial development, social development, constant growth, government interference in the social development, poverty etc. Environment, lifestyle and changes in environment are added into science and technology department.

Paper 2 in Civils:
Paper 1 may be called as Civil Service Aptitude test. Government is discussing with UPSC to make the changes in the exam pattern and they had declared that they will conduct aptitude test for everyone in the place of optional exam. In the notification which is released, there is no aptitude test and this had discouraged the aspirants a lot. UPSC had now made the changes in the syllabus so that optional paper is improved in the places which demand it to be removed. In complete syllabus, mental ability is extended and communication skills along with English are included.

In the past, they used to ask questions on mental ability, reasoning, basic arithmetic and other topics for 20 to 25 marks. Now they had totally removed this section from GS (paper 1). They had just added it in paper 2 and extended it but there is nothing new in it.

Tips to get grip on paper 2 in Civils:
There are 7 parts in total in paper 2. Two parts are based on mathematics, 3 parts are related to reasoning, decision making and problem solving and each one part on general comprehension, interpersonal skills and communication skills. UPSC should give more detailed information and model papers on this issue.

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