Preparation for ICET – 2011 | Reading News Paper Is Necessary to Get Good Rank in ICET-2011

March 1st, 2011| Education.

Preparation for ICET – 2011 |Reading News Paper Is Necessary to Get Good Rank in ICET-2011

Preparation Process

The section A contains the Analytical Ability.  The candidate has to get command on Arithmetic topics to overcome this section.  This section contains the statement based question in which the candidate has to notice the correct statement among the given statements.  For this purpose the candidate must have proper idea on mathematics and keen observation.  For example, Find out the value from the below given statements?  1) X+y=5   2) Xy=5.  By seeing this options the student has to get an idea that he can find out the value of x, y which is possible only with the knowledge and through practice.  On the other hand to find out the answers for the questions related to reasoning in this section, the student must have command on the topics like Series, Coding and Odd Man out.  Common sense plays a vital role than knowledge on the topic in this section.

Section – B (Mathematical Ability)

In order to have command in this section, the student must have to go through with the mathematics books from 6th standard to 10th standard.  The student must have full command and idea on the primary topics.  For probability and inequalities, the student must have to read the intermediate books.  It will be useful if the student gains command on the topics like calculating the percentages, calculating the profit and losses, Geometry, Mensuration and simple equations.   If we observe the previous question papers, there are around 10 questions from probability in pure mathematics section and statistics.  In the same way 4 marks are given from co – ordinate geometry and 5 questions from trigonometry.  To have command on these topics, the students have to remember graphs and principles.

Section C (Communication Ability)

In order to face the communication ability section, the candidate must have command on English grammar and capacity to read English quickly.  There will be at least 5 to 7 meanings   and 5 questions from synonyms.  In order to get good score in this section, the student have to go through the grammar books from 6th standard especially the parts of speech.  In the reading comprehension there will be a passage of 200 words, where the student has to answer the questions that are asked.  For this there are no text books to be prescribed to answer this section.  To get interest on reading it is suggested to read English story books.  One has to make it as a habit of reading English news papers like Hindu.  This results in understanding a topic quickly and easily is possible.  There will be questions from the primary topics like computer and business terminology.  If there is a habit of reading news paper daily, it is easy to answer the business terminology questions.

More Practice

The only way to achieve good rank in ICET is endless practice.  The degree students will be in preparation for the final year examination.  These 40 to 45 days which are available from 1st week of April are to be allotted for ICET preparation.  There must be at least 10 hours of preparation per day and especially with the maths treating as a concept based.  Then only the candidate can answer any type of question.  Mathematics plays an important role in effecting the ICET rank.  So, more time is to be spent for this section.  Especially the arts students have to learn each topic without leaving anything thinking it as difficult.

Time Management

Time management is another important issue that is to be remembered by the ICET students.  Depending on the waitage of marks, time is to be allotted for the respective subject.  For section A and Section B, 75 marks are allotted.  For this the student have to spend at least 3 hours a day and two hours for section C which consists of 50 marks.  Besides preparation, the student has to solve the model question papers daily.  Practice is to be made in such a way that the student has to complete each section 10 to 15 minutes before than the actual time.  For example, the section A which consists of 75 marks is to be completed in 60 Minutes.  Even in this the data sufficiency is to be completed in 12 to 15 minutes where as reasoning in 35 minutes.  The same formulas are to be applicable for other sections also.  By this the speed will be increase and the student can have an idea on the time management that is to be followed in the examination hall.  In the examination, the student has to answer the easy questions first and then has to deal with difficult one.  Each section has to be completed in the respective time. In the remaining 10 minutes the left questions are to be answered.

Some of the useful books are as follows

  • For arithmetic section, the useful books are R.S. Agarwal.
  • For pure Mathematics, the 10th standard maths book is useful.
  • For reasoning, go through with R.S. Agarwal, Sizwali.
  • For English, the student has to read the daily news papers, story books and besides these the student has to go through with the model questions that are available in the market.

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