Preparation of Nannari (Sugnadha milk)

May 6th, 2010| News.

Preparation of Nannari (Sugnadha milk)

The Sugandha roots that are very famous in the summer season are introduced to the Kurnool district I in the year 1955 and later on they became famous in all the cool drink shops. These are also called as Nannari. These plants are largely found in the Nallamala forest and in the areas of the Adilabad forests. As these plants are grown heavily in the Nallamala forest, the tribal people are making use of it, are supplying them to the towns, and made it as their livelihood. At present, these roots are sold at Rs.100 per kg. The cool drink shop people with great care and interest prepare the nannari and there is a special fame for the Eshwar Soda of Kurnool in the making of Nannari for about 50 years.

Preparation of Nannari

For the making of the nannari, the roots of the sugandha milk tree are used. First of all these roots are soaked in water for one day and on the second day, they are soaked in the sugar syrup and are taken out after two days. Later on that sugar syrup is been stored in the bottles. That syrup, which is once, prepared, will be fresh for many years. The drink is made of mixing 40ml of the syrup and 160ml of water with lime juice a bit and mixed with water or soda. One glass of this drink costs Rs. 5 or 6. It is believed that this drink makes the body cool and is good for the health.

Controls Diseases

The sugnadha milk is of two types. They are the milk sugandhi/sugandhi milk/white sugandhi and black sugandhi/ Gedi sugandhi. The sugnadha milk is called as nannari. The roots are scented and the leaves will be white in color with stripes over them and there will be no flower or fruit for this tree. Only the roots are useful for us. These roots controls the body odor controls the cholesterol in the body. It also controls the thirst and the white sugandhi is very famous and had good healthy nutrients in it.

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