Preparation of various squashes and ketchups | Recipe of mixed fruit jam

March 23rd, 2011| How To.

Preparation of various squashes and ketchups | Recipe of mixed fruit jam
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Many varieties of fruits are available in the market in summer and their prices will also be low in this season. Doctors are suggesting people to drink one glass of juice everyday to be healthy and active. People will be happy to know that fruit juices can be stored for months if they are prepared in a special procedure. NIN scientists are telling that people can store the fruit juices for more than ten months and these juices include mixed fruit juice, lime juice, grape juice and other juices.

Preparation of Lemon Squash

Take 50 to 60 lemons for one liter of lemon juice. Take the juice from lemons and add sugar to it immediately to avoid the bitterness in the juice. Take same amount of water in a vessel and heat it on the stove. When the water starts boiling, add two kilos of sugar and half tea cup of lemon juice. When the mixtures becomes thicker in the form of Sugar Syrup, take a cloth and filter the syrup from it. When the syrup gets cooled, remaining lemon juice, essence and Potassium Meta bisulphate should be added to it to prevent from spoilage. After that squash should be stored in a clean bottle. While using the squash, 2 ½ or 3 cups of water should be added to one glass of squash.

Preparation of tomato ketchup

Tomato ketchup can be prepared with the help of tomato juice, sugar, salt, onions, garlic, Garam masala powder, Acetic acid and Sodium benzoate. 50% of sugar should be added to the boiled tomato juice, onions and garlic. Place the   Garam masala powder and chili powder in a small cloth. Place this cloth in the vessel and heat it again. Keep the cloth in the vessel, till the mixture reaches 1/3rd of the vessel. Mix salt and sugar and boil it for sometime and remove the vessel from the stove. After that, add acetic acid and sodium benzoate and store the ketchup in the bottle.

Preparation of mixed fruit jam

Take some varieties of fruits and wash them. After washing the fruits, cut them into small pieces and separate the seeds from the fruits. Add required quantity of water. After cooling the pieces, grind them in the mixer. Add equal amount of sugar and boil the mixture of fruits. Care should be taken that the mixture does not stick to the vessel. After boiling the mixture for some time, add salt to it and cook it for another ten minutes. Jam will be prepared and required food color and SB powder should be added to it.

Preparation of lemon and ginger cocktail

Filter one liter of lemon juice with a thin cloth and add little sugar to the juice to prevent bitterness. Wash 100 grams of ginger well and peel the skin. After that grind the ginger and take the juice of it by placing it in a cloth. Pour one liter of water in a vessel and heat it. Add two kilos of sugar to the water when boiling. When the sugar gets dissolved completely, add half tea cup of lemon juice and filter the mixture in a thin piece of cloth. Add the remaining lemon juice to the cooled syrup and then add essence, ginger juice and SB powder to the mixture. Store the mixture in a clean bottle and this can be stored for many days.

Preparation of Grapes squash

Take 1 ½ kilos of good quality grapes and wash them well. Mix the grapes well and boil them for ten minutes without adding water. After that, pour the mixture in strainer and take the juice. Measure the grape juice and add little sugar to prevent bitterness. Take equal quantity of water in a vessel and heat it. Add two kilos of sugar at the time of boiling water and add 25 grams of salt to the mixture when the sugar dissolves completely. Filter the mixture and store it in bottle after cooling. Color and essence should be added after cooling the mixture. This can be used whenever required.

Course to teach juices and squashes making

One institution is offering the courses to teach the people about the juices, pickles, squashes and other items with the fruits available. They are teaching the people with nominal fee but people who are interested should take the vegetables and fruits required. For more information on the course, people can call 040- 24658085b or they can directly meet the officials at Food for society, nutrition extended center, Kendriya sadan, ground floor, A block, Sultan Bazaar, Hyderabad- 500095.

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