Preparation Tips for EAMCET 2011 | Focus on EAMCET 2011 from November onwards with a proper plan, so as to get better score

November 29th, 2010| Education.

Preparation Tips for EAMCET 2011 | Focus on EAMCET 2011 from November onwards with a proper plan, so as to get better score

Practical exams and intermediate exams would be conducted in February and March 2011 respectively, so time to prepare for competitive exams like EAMCET would be December and January only. So, one has to prepare in the best way so as to get best results. In these two months, institutes should prepare the schedule in such manner that the students gets more time for revision rather than listening classes. If 14 hours can be spent by a student daily for studies, it is better to allot 2 hours for mathematics, 1 hour for physics and 1 hour for chemistry. Remaining 10 hours of the 14 hours, students can practice the syllabus on their own. Rather than listening to hours of classes, it is better to revise and practice the syllabus.

Most of the EAMCET aspirants have good score in intermediate. But many of them are showing poor performance when it comes to competitive exams like EAMCET. It is because of lack of proper planning and strategy. When studied with a proper plan, one can score a good rank in EAMCET.

Some of the competitive exams like AIEEE and BITSAT give preference to second year syllabus only. So, it is better to study first year syllabus in the months of December and January, and complete the revision of second year syllabus after the completion of intermediate exams. Nearly 45 days would be present after inter exams, for competitive exams like EAMCET.

Allot December month for first year syllabus. Divide the syllabus in to five or six parts and plan the revision schedule accordingly. Every student can afford at least 10 hours for studies. Of those 10 hours, allot 4 hours for mathematics/ biology, 2 for physics and 2 for chemistry. Remaining 2 hours should be focused on the areas where student is making more mistakes.

Some students answer mock tests on lottery basis, just because they are of opinion that they have not prepared well. If they do so, they would be literally wasting those 3 hours of exam time. Students should analyze mock tests and have to know in which areas they have committed mistakes. Practice such similar questions and get command on that particular topic. Take the help  of lecturers in understanding such difficult questions.

Taking mock tests and analyzing them – are the two important strategies that a successful student should necessarily follow. There is no need to refer many books for EAMCET, it is enough to have command on Telugu Academy books for getting at least 70% marks surely. Remaining 30% marks can be scored by practicing objective type questions more. Don’t postpone the preparation plan. Some students take up each subject a day. But they would lose interest to study the same subject all the day. So, It is better to cover all the subjects in daily plan.