Preparation tips to get good marks in various fields in NCHMCT –JEE exam

December 30th, 2010| Education.

Preparation tips to get good marks in various fields in NCHMCT –JEE exam

while other sections carry 30 marks, English section is allotted 80 marks. If the importance for English language is known and if candidate gets good marks in English, they can easily get the seat in any college.


Basic knowledge in grammar is required and vocabulary along with their usage should be known. Observing the usage of idioms and grammar should be done by reading the English newspaper. It is better to study the basic level grammar books for principles in English and for proper examples of the usage of grammar.

Numerical ability and scientific aptitude

Candidate’s skills are tested in mathematics and science subjects and reading the school level books will help the candidates.

Reasoning and logical deduction

Logical  Analysis is required to get good marks in this field.

General knowledge and current affairs

Candidates who are preparing for the competitive exams will find this section easier. Reading the newspaper and observing the changes in the politics, finance and society is very important. Important points should be written as notes and good year book should be studied for basic knowledge over main topics and issues. Technical developments, history, constituency and geographical issues are to be studied.

Aptitude for service sector

Candidate’s interest towards service is tested in this field. Behavior with others and etiquette of the candidate are tested.