How to Prepare for biology subject of paper-1 in Group II

October 2nd, 2010| How To.

How to Prepare for Polity and General Sciences subjects in Group II | Reference books for General Science for the preparation of Group-2


Out of 150 questions, 20 questions will be from this subject. Mainly, questions from national, international level political and contemporary issues will be asked.

General Sciences:

  • Nearly 30 to 35 questions would be from this subject. Mainly, after the changes in APPSC syllabus in 2007, science related questions are also being asked. In these questions, physical science and biological science questions form the major part. Physical sciences should be divided in to physics, chemistry and science and technology. Topics which have to be focused as a part of preparation are…………
  • Sound, Light, Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Mechanics, Dual Matter, Planets and Modern Physics in Physics have to be studied.
  • Scientists, inventions, experiments and Noble laureates regarding these aspects.
  • In chemistry, topics such as metals, their compounds, glass, acids, bases, noble gases, water, fertilizers, plastics, cement, gases and their components have to be focused.
  • Questions from science and technology are intended to test the candidate in two ways.
  • Deep questions related to basics, milestones and experiments in science and technology will be asked.
  • Latest inventions, latest experiments and developments and others will also be asked as a part of science and technology questions.
  • Questions will be frequently coming from the topics, astronomy, nuclear energy, information technology, computers, electricity field, missiles, defense field experiments,
  • In order to know the way to answer these questions accurately, it is necessary to refer science text books of sixth to tenth classes.

Reference books for General Science for the preparation of Group-2:

For Science and technology: 1) Vivek Monthly Magazine 2) Telugu Yojaga 3) Sakshi Bhavita, Vidya along with science and technology columns in the main edition.

How to Prepare for biology subject of paper-1 in Group II

  • The topics from which more number of questions will be asked in this subjects and the topics which are to be focused are……….
  • Classification of organisms and their economical importance (For instance: Few Bacteria? Advantages and disadvantages with them? Diseases spread by them?)
  • Organisms and their nutrients.
  • Humans- circulatory system of organs, blood circulation, respiratory systems and the diseases related to them.
  • Recent advancements in biotechnology field, new products, parts of plants, metamorphosis, herbs, products of secondary life processes. (Questions from alkaloids, tannins, phytohormones, their uses, drugs and others might be asked).

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