Preparing for NEET 2012-NEET 2012 question paper pattern

November 15th, 2011| News.

NEET Syllabus and Preparation

 NEET Syllabus

National Eligibility and Entrance Test – NEET is going to be held on 13th May, 2011. Central Government of India is not considering the request of Andhra Pradesh state government to postpone NEET for at least one year. Therefore it is better to keep aside the discussion of advantages and disadvantages of EAMCET and NEET and utilize each day for preparation.

NEET will replace EAMCET for MBBS admissions. MCI has released the notification for NEET 2012. Question paper of NEET will also be in Telugu and this is good for AP students. There are no big changes in Physics and chemistry subject syllabus but there are huge changes in Botany and Zoology syllabus. There is no clarification about the admission process of Dental, Agriculture and Veterinary courses.

NEET syllabus has been released and there is only 5-10% change in Physics and Chemistry subjects. Therefore students can concentrate on this after completing the Intermediate Public Examination. But there are huge changes in the syllabus of Botany and Zoology. Most of the syllabus of IPE is not there for NEET and some additional topics have been included. It may be difficult for the students to complete the preparation of additional syllabus if the preparation is not properly planned. They have to utilize every minute and complete the preparation. It is advised to complete the common syllabus of IPE and NEET and then complete the IPE syllabus. Complete the IPE syllabus as fast as possible and read the syllabus of NEET. At the same time they should not neglect practicals, records etc.

There is no clarity about the question paper pattern of NEET 2012. In EAMCET 40 questions each were asked in Botany, Zoology, Physics and Chemistry subjects. But NEET is a national level exam and the questions will be tough.

In EAMCET 35 questions out of 40 questions in Physics were given in the form of problems. But NEET will not be in this format and this makes the Physics subject easier for AP students. Therefore the students should take the assistance of lecturers and discuss the changed syllabus with them. Telugu medium students should try to learn the English words in Telugu.

NEET 2012 may not be difficult for students who are preparing for AIIMS and other competitive exams. NEET 2012 will be difficult for Telugu medium students. Material is not available in Telugu and this is causing lot of anxiety for rural students.

Selection of candidates through NEET 2012

There is no clarity about the selection procedure through NEET 2012. But since Andhra Pradesh has not joined the national pool, there may not be much problem for AP students. Whatever be the selection procedure, students who studied in English medium in corporate colleges will get benefits while the rural are students may loss the seats.

As far as NEET is considered, time is very crucial. Syllabus teaching is a challenge for teachers and learning the syllabus is a challenge for students. NCERT books are also not available easily. But the material can be downloaded from internet. For this log on to www. Click on ‘NCERT’ tab in ‘Books’ menu. XI, XII books can be downloaded from internet.

Teachers help in NEET preparation

Teachers play an important role in the success of students. They should analyze in how many days the syllabus can be completed and well the students can understand the subject etc. Teachers should first complete the IPE syllabus and then proceed to teaching NEET syllabus. Since material is only available in English, teachers should help to translate it into Telugu and teach Telugu medium students.

Parents should not pressurize their children. They should not forget that syllabus change will affect every student. Parents should encourage their children and help them in preparation for NEET.

There are still some doubts about NEET that has to be clarified by the authorities. Few of them are –

  • How many questions will be there in NEET? Will there be negative marking?
  • Presently 25% weightage is given for intermediate marks in Andhra Pradesh. Will it be the same in NEET?
  • Agriculture, Dental and BDS seats were also filled through EAMCET. Now how will they be filled?

If another entrance test is conducted for Agriculture, Dental and BDS courses what will be the syllabus?

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