Previous years Percentile cutoff in IIMs | CAT Preparation strategy

September 13th, 2010| Education.

Previous year’s Percentile cutoff in IIMs

Ahmadabad 96 96 96 99
Calcutta 95.45 95.59 95.43 99.5
Bombay 70 90 85 90
Lucknow 85 85 85 90
Kozhikode 80 80 80 90
Indore 80 80 80 80

These are only estimations

CAT Preparation strategy

Reading comprehension: Reading comprehension is the section which requires concentration and keen observation.  The questions in this section are asked basing on a passage.  For scoring good marks in this section, preparation should be concept based.  Reading practice is the key word for this.  For this read news papers, magazines and internet blogs.  Read information from rural development to space travels.  Practice speed reading.  Practice writing a comprehension of the given passage.  Reading comprehension confuses the candidates as this is a computer based test.  Candidates cannot mark the important points in a paragraph.

Quantitative ability: This is an easy scoring section with good knowledge of basic principles and fundamentals.  There were more questions from basics last years.  Preparation should be well planned.  Divide each chapter in to sub sections and then practice.  This method of preparation is helpful in Numbers, Geometry and Algebra sections.  Do not just try for instant answers.  Substitute the given values in formulae and practice to get the answers.

Logical Reasoning: Logical Reasoning is a section which has no scientific principles or formulae.  Analyzing capacity and own thinking capacity are the key words to get good marks in this section.  Generally questions from day to day life appear in this section.  Candidate should be able to analyze the questions.  This section takes a little more time so do not attempt this section at the beginning.  Analyzing the given argument in all angles is important.

Data Interpretation: This is the section which appears typical.  Preparation should be by analyzing the pie charts, graphs and tables.  This section also consist questions based on keen observation, calculation and logical reasoning.  Lot of practice is needed for scoring good marks.  Candidate should be able to analyze the given problems quickly.  Practice Percentages and Averages.