Prices of Trolley bags | Tips before buying a Trolley bag

May 7th, 2010| News.

Prices of Trolley bags | Tips before buying a Trolley bag

Packing the luggage is the first and the major need for the people who are planning for a travel. Just because of these, the people cannot move freely from one place to the other. It will be satisfactory to watch the tourist places along with these luggages. To get rid of these problems, many kinds of trolley bags are available in the market and these can bear as much as the weight of the luggage. The items like the water bottles, clothes, food items and so on can be arranged in these bags and can travel to any place very easily. This bag consists of four sections with separate zips and pockets. There is a great demand for these bags as the handles are flexible to carry in the desired shape. As these bags are made of iron, plastic, fiber and rubber based wheels they are long lasting.

Prices of Trolley bags start from Rs.2000…

The price of these bags depends   on the usage and capacity. In each trolley bag around 20 sets of clothes can be kept. There is a safety lock number for these bags so that the valuables will be safe and secure. The prices of the waterproof bags are very high and these are attracting the customers a lot when compared to that of the normal bags. The companies are giving the warranty to the bags and for the big families even the big sized bags are available. The bags like Rush Hour, Urban, Dell Cealo Marthos, Samsonite, Squawer, Medo, Astra, Eves, Play, Satars, Stanza and so on are in great demand these days. These are available in attractive colors and designs and shapes.

Tips before buying a Trolley bag

-          Thinking that these bags are suitable to all the seasons are to be known before buying.

-          No compromise in the case of warranty and never forget to take the guarantee card.

-          The details like the service centers and how much is charged for the repairs are to be known before hand.

-          The safety tips of the bag like washing procedure are to be known from the shopkeeper.

-          Proper care is to be taken about the locking system and additional keys are to be kept.

-          The bags that are to be taken to the foreign countries are to be known and their maintenance is to be known before hand.

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