Priyanka Chopra is Best Actress National Award for the year 2008 – for Priyanka Chopra’s best performance in Fashion

January 16th, 2013| News.

Priyanka Chopra got Best Actress National Award for the year 2008 – for best performance in Fashion

Heroine means beauty…

Heroine is attraction to the movie….

Heroine is half strength at the box office….that is why heroine character should be the ‘glamorous doll’. Heroine should shower collections with colorful looks…this is the present scenario.

But there is an argument that heroine should be different from the above said qualities to get best actress award. Priyanka chopra has rewritten such history. She won the National Award for Best Actress for the year 2008 by not only glamorous performance but also best talent at ‘Fashion’.

Priyanka came to the cine industry from the ramp where she was awarded ‘Miss World’. She withstood in the industry by facing defeats and comments.