Project World loop Company is to perform BANDALOOP on the rocks of Golconda Fort

November 21st, 2010| News.

Project World loop Company is to perform BANDALOOP on the rocks of Golconda Fort | American consulate General and Andhra Pradesh tourism are jointly organizing BANDALOOPs
The world famous Aerial, vertical dance Company ‘Project Worldloop’ is to invent its latest show on the walls of historical Golconda fort in Hyderabad on 21st, November, 2010.  This program is being jointly organized by American Consulate General and Andhra Pradesh Tourism.  This dance program will begin at 02.30pm in the direction of famous choreographer Amelia Rudolf. Dance artist are going to mesmerize the audience with their dance feats making the sky as the stage for their performance.

‘Project bandaloop’ till now has performed in 12 countries in 5 continents.  They did their programs at New York Stock Exchange, Seattle Space needle, Brazil IBM Headquarters, St.George castle in Mantova, Italy, Singapore National Museum, Public Library in New San Francisco and International Airport Terminal in San Francisco.  They chose Golconda fort as their stage for their 13th program.  Project Bandaloop with 11 members has 8 artistes in their group.  This program is organized to respect the hardship of ‘Society to Save the Rocks’ who are working for preservation of granite formations of the Deccan Plateau. There is no need to buy any ticket to watch this program, Entry ticket of Rs. 5 is to be taken.

The speciality of ‘Banadloop’ show is the feats of artistes in the air at a thousand feet height.  This is the first time that such an event is organized outdoors in India.

Documentary on Indian Historical Buildings in Golconda Fort

A documentary that shows the grandeur of Indian Historical Buildings has started in Golconda fort on 19.11.2010.  Visitors can watch this documentary till 25th November, 2010.  There will be two shows on every day at 11.30am and 3.00pm.  This documentary is being exhibited as a part of documentary shows being organized in forts all over India.