Puttur bandage – Puttur treatment for fractures, bone settings and bone displacement

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Puttur bandage – Puttur treatment for fractures, bone settings and bone displacement

Each and everyone used to say that it is good to take the person whose leg was fractured.  It is having around 128 years of history. At present this treatment is been conducted in the suraparaju, subbaraju and kandala gopala gopalaraju salya hospital of Rachapalem. Two people who are famous in treating the leg damages had a great demand and these two people belong to the same family.  The liquid that is used in the Pothur Bandage is Kasavindhaku, Kolla Thulasi.  In English, it is called as Kyasia Oxy dentalis.

A Small story about Puttur bandage

There is a small story behind Kanuvindhaku.  In the year 1890, a person who is walking in the forest for hunting found a broken leg rabbit.  He used to bring that rabbit by folding it in the Kanuvindhaku Leave.  To the amazement by the next morning, it is found that the rabbit used to run with its leg becoming normal.  The medicinal value in that leave came out in this way.   The medicine in that leave is used for the animals in the beginning and later on used for the human beings.  This leave is hugely grown in the areas like forest and in the drainage places.  Many great people used to get benefit with this leave in their treatment.

Puttur Band-aid in this way

For the broken leg the kanuvindhaku is been tied along with the white cotton cloth.  After 15 days the egg yellow, turmeric and white wash is been mixed and tied to the leg for the second time.  And this has to be on the wound for 90 days.  For the bandage the bamboo sticks are been used.  In this way for every 15 days 2 to 3 bandages are been made.  In general, those people who know about the medicinal leaf try to treat themselves.  If the leaf is stored in the water its greenery and freshness is not lost.    After the broken bone is set right the medicine of the leaf is applied as a layer on the wound.  The juice enters into the place where is bone is fractured and makes the bone get attached quickly.