Question paper pattern in History division and reference books of AP History in Paper 2 of Group 2

October 2nd, 2010| Education.

Question paper pattern in History division and reference books of AP History in Paper 2 of Group 2

  • In this division of 150 marks, questions from polity subject will be asked for 75 marks while the remaining 75 marks are asked about the questions on Andhra Pradesh History. This is the paper which provides better  scope to score highest marks, in Group-2 exam. Toppers of previous years’ group -2 exam have scored maximum marks in this division. Subject wise instructions are as follows.
  • Subject wise instructions in the subject of Andhra Pradesh History:
  • In the paper-2, 75 questions will be from Andhra Pradesh History.
  • Coverage of this subject is less, but more number of questions will be coming from this subject. Hence it is considered as advantageous. There is much scope to score maximum marks in paper-2. 70 of the 75 questions can be answered easily.
  • Preparation should be done not only in objective manner, but also in analyzing method, to ease the process of winning in this subject.
  • Syllabus pertaining to Andhra Pradesh History should be divided into three – ancient period, medieval period and modern period, for learning.
  • There will be equal weightage for each of the three divisions and hence  no part should be neglected. For example: There were more than ten questions about Satavahana’s and their history in the last year Group-2. Also, there will be two questions on Nasik Science.
  • Some questions, which are out of syllabus, are also being asked. For instance: In the part-2 of paper-2, which  is called as AP history paper, some questions from the subject of Andhra Pradesh Politics are also asked.
  • In the same way, some questions are also asked on Vijayanagara Empire, which is not included in the syllabus.
  • So, it is better for group-2 aspirants to study total AP History regardless of syllabus.
  • But many number of candidates are not paying attention to it.
  • Important point to be kept in mind is that, Telugu medium students should gain command over English terminology in history subject, even though they continue their preparation in Telugu.
  • In the bi-lingual question papers, due to own translation of English words in to Telugu, some questions are  misunderstood by candidates.
  • In yester years’, some candidates even though they know the correct answer, have opted wrong answer because they didn’t understand the question well. For instance: ‘Rajyasankramana siddantaanni pravesapettinadi evaru?’ In the same way, Home Rule League, when translated in a wrong way, might have total meaning changed in it.  Home rule league revolution was named as Swadesi revolution.
  • Hence, one should be attentive while answering the question paper.

History: Reference books:

  • Andhrula Charitra: BSL Hanumantha Rao
  • Andhrula Charitra:: P. Raghunadha Rao
  • Ambedkar Open University MA Books

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