Questions asked about awareness, in the interviews conducted for SBI PO exam candidates | Marks for personality

September 23rd, 2010| Jobs.

Questions asked about awareness, in the interviews conducted for SBI PO exam candidates | Marks for personality

Main intention of interview is to test the attitude of the applicant. Hence interview is also called personality test. There are two main aspects in personality. They are awareness  and personal qualities.

Questions asked about awareness, in the interviews……

  • Questions will be asked so as to test the  level of awareness of the candidate on himself or herself. Along with the details furnished in the bio data, extra skills such as working in a team, dedication towards goal, hardworking nature and others will be tested.
  • Questions will be asked to test the level of awareness on the  contemporary aspects and also about various aspects. That means, questions will be about current affairs. Candidate should answer without hesitation and the answer should reflect his or her awareness..
  • There will be some questions about educational qualifications. It is an attempt to know about the awareness the candidate has over his or her learnt topics.
  • It is very important that the candidate should have awareness about the company in which he or she wants to join. For this purpose, two questions will be asked about State Bank of India.
  • Some questions may be asked regarding the achievements and awards got by the candidate.
  • If the candidate has done any jobs in the past or is doing any job presently, many questions will be asked about it. It is an attempt to know about the working style and ability of the candidate in his or her previous job.
  • Questions related to the interests of the candidate may also be asked. It is an attempt to know how the candidate will spend his or her free time.
  • Some questions will be asked to know if he or she is joining this company or firm with a special interest or have tried for job as a part of their job hunt. Generally, the answer ‘have tried for job as a part of job hunt’ will be better.
  • If the  candidate is asked if he or she retains in the same firm even if he or she is offered a better opportunity by another firm in future, the candidate can answer that he or she will tilt towards the one which is more prospective in all regards. But they have to express their views in a smooth way. There is nothing bad in grabbing a new opportunity which has better prospects in all aspects, since everyone wants develop in career.

Marks for personality will also be present in interview….

  • Self confidence is the main aspect in the personal characters of the candidate. Some questions might be asked to test the level of the confidence.
  • There will be questions related to test the attitude of the candidate. They will test if the candidate is ready to take up new responsibilities, have awareness about new aspects, and have mental ability to face challenges, through related questions.
  • It is also tested if the candidate is with positive attitude or negative attitude. It is  necessary to have positive attitude all the time.  Negative thoughts will pull people backwards. Positive attitude will progress the people in any aspect.
  • There is chance to shoot some  questions to know about the honesty and dedication. By the way of answering questions, dedication of the candidate can be  analyzed. So it is good to answer till the extent we know and to agree that we don’t know regarding the aspects which we are not aware of.
  • Communication is another main aspect regarding personality features. It should be related to the aspect asked freely and in straight forward manner. It is not good to pass the time with unnecessary questions.
  • Candidate has to behave as if he has knowledge. He or she should not exhibit over humbleness or over goodness. It  is necessary to have sharpness and attentiveness.
  • Testing the leadership qualities is also a part of interview.

When the candidate faces interview keeping in mind these aspects, he or she can get success in the interview.