Railway and Road facilities are available from Hyderabad for Pranahitha Pushkaras | AP Tourism is also offering special packages for Pranahitha Pushkara devotees

December 8th, 2010| In India.

Railway and Road facilities are available from Hyderabad for Pranahitha Pushkaras | AP Tourism is also offering special packages for Pranahitha Pushkara devotees

Railway and Road facilities are available for devotees going for Pranahitha Pushkaras from Hyderabad.  Along with daily buses, RTC is running special buses.  Devotees will have to get down at Manchiryal, Kagaznagar if they go by train from Hyderabad.  Daily and weekend trains are available to these two towns.

Karimnagar, Hanmakonda routes: RTC is running special buses to Kaleshwaram from Karimnagar and Hanmakonda routes till 16th December, 2010.  More buses will be introduced as per requirement.

  • An express bus with Service no 1230 starts from Mahatma Gandhi Bus station at 09.00am and reaches Kaleshwaram at 5.15 am.  Ticket charge is Rs. 148
  • Another express bus with service no.90100 starts from MGBS at 09.30pm and reaches Kaleshwaram at 5.30am the next day. Bus charge is Rs.175.


RTC is running two buses to bring back devotees from pushkar ghats and also to visit pilgrim places.

  • Service no.90902 starts from MGBS at 11.00 pm, stops at Uppal and again starts at 11.20pm.  This bus reaches Kaleshwaram at 6.00am.  After taking bath, devotees can catch this bus which starts its return journey at 10.00am and reach Hyderabad at 5.00pm.  Bus charges are Rs.375.
  • Service no. 90903 starts from MGBS at 11.30pm and reaches Kaleshwaram at 6.30am the next morning.  It begins its return journey at 10.00-10.30 am.   Devotees are taken to Ramappa temple and Thousand pillars temple in the return journey and reach Hyderabad at 9.00pm.  Bus charges are Rs.425.
  • Half tickets charges are collected for children in daily services bus this facility is not available in special buses.

Tourism special packages from Hyderabad

Andhra Pradesh Tourism department is making special arrangements for the Pranahitha Pushakaras.  It is running special buses from Hyderabad, Warangal and Karimnagar districts.  Devotees can go to Warangal, Karimnagar from Hyderabad and go to the Pushkar Ghats in APTDC buses and packages.  These buses are available between 6th and 17th of December, 2010.  A/c and non A/c buses will be running between Karimnagar-Kaleshwaram,  Hyderabad-Kaleshwaram, Karimnagar-Kaleshwaram and Hyderabad-Kaleshwaram. These will be running only during the Pushkara period.

Details of tickets charges

  • Hyderabad – Kaleswaram non a/c buses – Rs.500 for elders, Rs.400 for kids.  One way ticket is RS.250 for elders and RS.200 for kids.
  • Hyderabad – Kaleswaram A/c buses – Rs.650 for elders, Rs.520 for kids.  One way ticket charges are RS. 325 for elders and RS.260 for kids.
  • Warangal – Kaleswaram non a/c – Rs. 260 for elders, Rs.210 for children.  One way ticket charges are Rs.130 for elders and Rs.105 for children.
  • Karimnagar – Kaleswaram non a/c – Rs.270 for elders, Rs.220 for children.  One way ticket charge is Rs.135 for elders and Rs.110 for children.

Buses from Hyderabad


Under the Hyderabad – Kaleshwaram package bus starts fro Hyderabad at 06.00 am and reaches kaleshwaram by 11.00 am.  It again starts from Kaleshwaram at 2.00 pm and reaches Hyderabad by 07.00 pm.

  • Bashirbagh Reservation Office – Phone numbers 040 – 66746370, 66745986
  • Tankbund office – 040-65581555, 23450165
  • Greenland Office – 23414334
  • KPHB main road – 23052028, 65504999
  • Yatrinivas – 27893100, 27816375


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