Rajani, Shankar, Aishwarya movie ENDHIRAN – ROBO…Special effects, Making details, Technicians and Facts Behind the Screen | ROBOT is the first Indian movie used the ANIMETRICS

September 14th, 2010| In India.

Rajani, Shankar, Aishwarya movie ENDHIRAN – ROBO…Special effects, Making details, Technicians and Facts Behind the Screen | ROBOT is the first Indian movie used the ANIMETRICS
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The director Shankar is the one who make the films differently. He had done 9 movies with lot of differences and now he want to make his tenth movie in a very different way. And so Shankar had thought of making a high budget movie and so he prepared a robot. The movie is starring Rajnikanth and Ishwarya Rai. This is the first scientific fiction movie in India.
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    • The bollywood movies like Kites, Blue and Raavan are the highest budget movies and now Robo is standing in the first position with a budget of 100 crores at first. They next thought of spending 120 crores and at last they spent 150 crores. They are now estimating that the budget may reach 200 crores by the time of release. The remuneration of Rajnikanth is Rs.40 crores and Ishwarya had taken Rs.6 crores.


    • They had spent 40% of the budget for the side effects.


    • The story of robo was thought of ten years back and due to insufficient budget and no producers, Shankar could not make it. He thought of shooting the movie with Kamal Hassan and Preethi Zinta before ten years and later on Sharukh khan. Finally he made the film with rajnikanth and made many changes in the story for him.


    • The production designer for the movie is Subu Siril and he is working for the Sharukh khan’s movie also. After knowing the story, he stayed in los Angels and learnt many things about the technology in the studios. He learnt for 2 months and the studio is the Stan Winston studio and there are many people who worked in this studio. They did the movies like ironman in this studio. After learning many things in this studio, siril was confident that he could do the movie. He had set up more than 30 sets for the movie.


    • Shankar and rajnikanth had stayed in los angels for 2 weeks and Rajni’s body was totally scanned for the preparation of robo which looks like him. Three crores were spent on the makeup of rajnikanth.


    • The shooting started in February 2008 and after that Shankar along with his cameraman went around the world for the locations.


    • They had used the animetrics in this movie which is a combination of animation and electronics. This is the first movie in India which is made with animetrics. With the help of this, the robos look like humans.


    • The technical experts were in the sun studio for 4 months and they had created the graphics and others which the Shankar’s team could not do it. There are 22 scenes in the movie which are totally shot with animetrics.


    • The shooting of the movie was started with the special song and it was shot in one of the seven wonders. This is the first movie which got shot in the Machu Picchu in Peru and they did not allow shooting the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace.


    • The artists who worked for the movie had written an agreement for two years and they should not take up any other project. Ishwarya was given the concession as she already signed for the movie Ravaan.


    • The action choreographer was Yen Woo Ping who worked for the matrix movie in the past. Mary E Vogt, who worked as the costume designer for the Men In Black movie had worked as designer for this movie.


    • There will be tax concession in Tamil nadu if they name the movies in Tamil and so Shankar had named the movie as entheran which means device.


  • Shankar had taken more than 1000 number of junior artists. This is also a record.
  • Shankar doesn’t like to do the prayers and poojas for the movies but after the completion of robo, he did the pooja.
  • The climax fight in the movie had been shot in a set which costs 5 crores and Rajnikanth should fight with 100 robos which are similar to him. This set is totally environmental friendly.
  • The audio rights of the movie were purchased by think music with seven crores.
  • The popular English channel HBO came forward to release the movie in abroad. They will release the movie with English subtitles and they are releasing the movie with more than 2000 prints worldwide.
  • There is estimation that they got 30 crores by selling the rights in Telugu and Malayalam. They will sell the satellite rights for 6 to 7 crores.