Ramappa temple can be visited by Medaram Jatara devotees-Tourists interest places, Medaram

January 25th, 2012| In India.

Tourists interest places, Medaram

Ramappa temple

Ramappa temple

Medaram is a tiny village situated in Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh and is famous for the tribal festival celebration for every two years – the famous Sammakka Saralamma Jatara. This Jatara is going to be held from 8th to 11th in the month of February, 2012. The remote village is flooded with large number of tourists and devotees during this festival.

Tourists who go to Medaram via Warangal can visit the tourist places around Warangal. If one starts by 5.00 am at Hyderabad, they can reach Warangal by 8.00 am. In another two and a half hours they can go to Ramappa temple. Ghanpur temples are at another 11 km distance from Ramappa temple. There are nearly 22 temples here.

Ramappa temple lies on a star shaped six feet platform. The reigning deity of the temple is Ramalingeswara Swamy. This temple was built by seventh Kakatiya king, Rudra Senani in the year 1213. This temple is located in Palampet village and there is a beautiful lake around the temple. Bricks float in the waters of the lake. Another special feature of the temple is if a place on the entrance of the temple is touched, one can hear musical sounds. There are  carvings on the walls of the temple which are breathtakingly beautiful.

Another interesting place the tourists of Medaram jatara can visit lays 12 kms away from Jangalapalli. Lakhnavaram is another seven kms on the right side of the main road. The first suspension bridge in Andhra Pradesh for pedestrians is built here. Length of the suspension bridge is 160 mtrs. Boating facilities are also available here.

In Warangal there are many tourist interest places like Warangal fort, Bhadrakali temple and Thousand pillar temple which can be visited while going to or coming from Medaram. Warangal fort should be visited to enjoy the beautiful sculptures. Bhadrakali temple is situated near Warangal MGM. Pakala Lake is a manmade lake situated at a distance of 45 kms from Warangal. The construction of lake is an example of workmanship of then engineers. Thousand pillar temple was constructed by Kakatiya king Rudradeva Raju in 1163.

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