Ramdev Baba gifted Little Cumbrae Island for new Traditional International Yoga Centre

September 15th, 2009| News.

Couple from Scottland who setteled down there for 32 years, bought an island called Little Cumbrae for the cost of INR 16.13 crore. Here onwards this island is called as PEACE ISLAND. Shyam, who is organizing the ‘Patanjali Yog Peet’ in Britain, has purchased it to give it as gift to Ramdev Baba. Ramdev Baba is well known person in the Yoga world, who says everything can be cured with pranayama. Even homosexuality also curable by his Pranayama, it seems. Now Rama Dev Baba is going to start an International Yoga Center in the Peace Island, to make his Yoga popular in the daily needs of people. His Yoga programs are telecasting every day on TVs. This Little Cumbrae Island is spreaded over 684 acres, with a light house, and old buildings at present. Ramdev baba is also planned to start a laboratory there. In Haridwar, India, there is Ayurveda Center, which runs well in India.

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