Recognization and protection Law

January 2nd, 2011| In India.

Recognization and protection Law:


The Indian parliament had made it a law in 1999 which is under protection and registration. They consider the patents, designs and trademarks and controller general as a part of registration. The head office is in Chennai and from 2003, 192 things had got the recognization from this organization. The Hyderabad haleem had entered this list recently. The people should apply for the register general of geographical indications. The recognization is given to the things, arts and other products in particular area. While giving the recognization, they should have a special quality from others. If they get the recognization, the government will protect them and it prohibits from using the brand by other people except the one who gets the patent. The production and the business of the product increases by getting the recognization and protection from the government.

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