Recruitments in Airlines – Increase in Jobs in airlines industry in near future

April 16th, 2010| Finance.

Recruitments in Airlines – Increase in Jobs in airlines industry in near future


Since there is gradual decrease in the recession and its effects, recruitments in the airline industry are on rising. As like other industries, hiring is gradually increasing in the airlines industries.  In the next month, nearly 3,000 vacancies are to be filled by airlines companies. In April 2009, the scenario was completely reverse. Airplane companies have fired at least 2,000 employees by the April month of 2009. Because of certainty in financial system, airline companies are planning to get their business in top place as like in the past. Kingfisher, Indigo, Spice Jet and Go Air Companies have started recruiting.  Malaysia Airlines, Emirates, Oman Air, Qatar Airways and other international companies are also giving jobs for Indian candidates on a large scale.

In addition to these, infra structure companies like GMR and GVK are also taking candidates for maintenance. Airline Company Indigo is going to take nearly 1,000 candidates in the next month. Employees of this companies are also going to enjoy bonuses in the next two or three months. Indigo company has also announced to recruit in large numbers. Within one year, Kingfisher and Spice Jet are going to take nearly 500 and 200 candidates respectively.

Candidates who have spent lakhs of rupees on pilot training since last year can get good opportunities at this moment. A flight attendant who works for a domestic airline company will get paid between Rs. 20, 000 to Rs.35, 000 per month as salary. Trainee co-pilot get around Rs.60, 000 to one lakh rupees per month as salary. Pilot who serves as captain of the airlines will have salary ranging from Rs. four lakhs to five lakhs per month. Monthly 25 to 30 new candidates are taken when the company’s business grows gradually. When coming to international airlines, salaries are at huge level. Cabin crew member gets around Rs. 45, 000 to Rs. 70, 000 per month as salary. Some are even getting around one lakh rupees also. GMR is searching for talented candidates who can serve at crucial positions in the airport. Since some years, GMR is recruiting candidates in senior and middle management from best airports. Company says that they have continued recruitments for Delhi airport terminal even in recession period and hiring is going on still for some projects.

Hunt for talent…..

  • Indigo

This company wants to recruit thousand candidates. Of them, 100 will be Indian pilot and 400 will be cabin crew members. Another 400 members are recruited for airlines operations and ground staff.

  • Spice Jet

This company has 20 Boeing services presently. Another 5 will be added by the end of 2010. Company wishes to run services in international routes by the end of 2010.

  • GMR

This company may recruit the candidates in huge number. Recently, some seniors have joined this company. Deputy CEO of Hyderabad airport is one among them.

  • Air India

An Austrian citizen has been appointed as COO of Air India recently.