Regional Saras � 2010 Venue, Exhibition Dates| Dwakra Bazar in Hyderabad

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Regional Saras � 2010 Venue, Exhibition Dates| Dwakra Bazar in Hyderabad

Exhibition cum Sales from February 8th to 16th, 2010.

Venue: People�s Plaza, Necklace Road, Hyderabad

The Dwakra Bazars are conducted for the well being of the rural people and low class people and it is by these bazaars the inner talents are revealed out and can have a wide scope for the future. In order to bring out the hidden talents the Andhra Pradesh Government is struggling hard and arranging these kinds of bazaars and providing a lively hood to the rural people. The program conducted under this plan is called as the Saras Bazar and till now around ten Saras Bazars are conducted by the A.P government. In this year the 11th Sar Bazar is been conducted by the A.P Rural Development Board along with the Central Government Rural Development Board. In this program total 13 other states are participating besides A.P.

Sales at Regional Saras 2010- Dwakra bazar

Andhra Pradesh: Handy Crafts, leather, Terra Kota Products, wood carvings, food products.

Madhya Pradesh: Chanderi silk, handy crafts

Gujarat: Handlooms, embroidery, bamboo products

Maharashtra: Herbal Products, herbal oils and handloom garments.

Uttar Pradesh: Banaras Silk Sarees, Carpets

Assam: Bamboo products

Kerala: Fiber products, Ayurveda medicines, handy crafts

Jammu & Kashmir: silk Shawls, Dress Materials, Carpets.

These are some of the products that are exhibited in this Saras Bazar.

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