Register land/property in Tripura-Apply for registration of land/property in Agartala

June 9th, 2012| How To, In India, Register Land/Property, Tripura.

Register land/property in Tripura


The following are the processes of mutation in which a citizen of Tripura can own a land in the state of Tripura. The processes are the sale, partition, gift, mortgage, will, inheritance, exchange and court decree.

Concerned department for registering land/property in Agartala, Pilak, Kumarghat in Tripura is the Office of Tehsildar, Office of Deputy Collector and Magistrate of Revenue Inspector at District Magistrate & Collector and Revenue Circle Level.

The registration certificate of any land or property in Tripura is called the Khaitan or Record or Right.  The applicant has to register the land transaction document with the Sub Registrar office.  After obtaining the land registration document which is called the ‘Dalil’ (Gift deed registration/ale deed registration) the application ha to visit the Tehsil office and apply in Form 21 for mutation. Form 21 is the application form for mutation.

All the applicants who want mutation in Tripura needs to state the land already held by him in their report.  The officer-in-charge of TK who is the Tehsildar will acknowledge the receipt by making a counter-foil which is duly filled, signed and dated.  Tehsildar then enters the details of the land in his Mutation register.  Notices to all the land holders will be generated and served indicating the date for hearing.

Objections for mutation of land/property in Sikkim received either orally or in writing are recorded and acknowledgement will be given in form 23.  All the entries in mutation register will be tested by Circle Officer and a field enquiry to the Tehsil office will be ordered before the hearing date.  Amin conducts the field enquiry. After hearing, the applicant submits Form B for getting ROR.  Tehsil office prepares Badar Register, Touzi mill register, Jama bandi register and sends them to DCM office.  DCM passes Order of Mutation after checking the documents.  After the completion of all the above procedures and collection of charges, the Khaitan is handed over to the applicant.

Documents necessary for registering land/property in Tripura are the Deed registration, ROR fee of Rs. 15 per page and Rs. 4 per every extra page.  Information about fee for mutation and the form for report of mutation can be obtained at

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