Remove Holi Colors on Skin and Clothes | Tips Given by Experts to Remove the Holi Colors

March 23rd, 2011| How To.

Remove Holi Colors on Skin and Clothes | Tips Given by Experts to Remove the Holi Colors
Remove Holi Colors
Holi is a colorful festival which is celebrated with full enjoyment. All the people participate in the festival very happily. All the youngsters participate in the Holi festival with full enjoyment by keeping all kinds of stress and tensions aside. Colors are thrown on the people. In this game, the dresses of some people and skin change its colors. But what is the condition of the people who have to attend offices, interviews and jobs? They have to get rid of those colors on the clothes and skin immediately as they have to attend their duties.  Bringing the clothes and skin to normalcy is a big problem for the people after playing the Holi.

Problems with Holi colors

The celebrations of Holi are completed. As this time there is more usage of chemicals in the colors, there are chances of having those colors on the skin for a long time.  Mercury in the colors may cause skin diseases and allergies.  doctors are saying that there are chances of getting many health problems which are related to eyes, lips and so on which are very dangerous. There is only one problem in the minds of the people. It is the question of how to get rid of these colors from the skin. Here are some of the suggestions which are given by some of the chemical specialists to remove colors from the skin and clothes.

Removing Holi colors from the clothes

Most of the people play Holi game by wearing light colored and white colored clothes. To remove colors from these clothes, wash the clothes with lime juice for two to three times and dry in the sunlight. In many situations, colors may fall on the costly clothes during the time of Holi accidentally. In order to get rid of these colors, wash them with hot water by rubbing with bleaching paste. Do not keep the whole dress in hot water at a time. Because by doing so the color can spread to a wide area. The clothes which are having no color and which are having color are to be washed separately. The dark colors do not get off some times. Those stains are to be removed by using the lime peel and lime juice. It is better to give dark stained clothes for dry cleaning rather than washing them with detergent.

Removing colors from the skin

  • Wash the colors on the clothes or skin immediately after the game is over. If those colors are not washed, there is a danger of suffering from skin diseases.
  • Most of the apply oil and some kinds of smearing on the skin before applying the colors on the skin. But people, who played the game of holy without taking any precautionary measures, have to get a piece of thin cloth, dip in water. Rub the stains on the face and clothes one after the other. But do not rub the colors. Finally head bath is to be taken only with cold water.
  • A paste is to be prepared by mixing all white flour, lime juice and oil and has to massage the paste on the skin for half an hour. By doing this not only the stains on the skin but also the dead cells on the skin are also removed.
  • Most of the people use alcohol, color removers or petrol to remove the stains from the skin immediately. But it is not good to do so. As this is summer season there is a chance of getting rashes on the skin. Acetone can be used in the place of these items. Besides this, apply olive oil for the body and go for bath after one hour.
  • For both hair and body a mixture of curd, mustard oil, castor oil and lime juice is to be applied and have to do head bath with vinegar, soapnuts and conditioners. Later apply moisturizers to skin. To get rid of the egg smell on the body, one has to take bath using corn flour.
  • In order to remove colors from the skin, it is good to use the cleansers which are used to remove makeup. Next antiseptic creams and lotions are to be used for the face.
  • Most of the people use scrubbers to remove the colors on the skin. By rubbing the skin with those scrubbers makes the soft skin turns to rough. Sometimes even the skin turns black in color.
  • People who are having dandruff can use the shampoos which are specially made for dandruff control and can even apply the Candid-B where there is more dandruff and this medicine is available in the medical shops.

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