Responsibilities and duties of HR, Skills and Salaries of HR | Merits and demerits of HR

October 4th, 2010| Jobs.

Responsibilities and duties of HR, Skills and Salaries of HR | Merits and demerits of HR

Responsibilities and duties:

The main duty of the HR in a company is to provide stress free environment and they should work a bridge between the owners and the labor. They should be praised by the owners and the labor and they help the company run in profits. They should encourage the staff with bonuses and increments and they should convince the board for this. They should also maintain the fields like selection, training, working capability, salary, extra benefits, security etc. they should also solve the problems faced by the company and so they should be mentally strong.


They can earn from Rs.1.8 to Rs.2.4 lakhs per annum in the starting in multi national companies and they can get from Rs.1.2 to Rs.1.8 lakhs in the national companies. With three years experience, they can get from Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.4.5 lakhs and with 5 year experience, they can get up to Rs.6 lakhs. And with more experience, they get Rs.1, 00,000 per month.


  • They should understand human relations.
  • They should have leadership qualities.
  • They should know how to bargain.
  • They should understand the needs of the employees.
  • They should have good communication skills.
  • They should know the trends and make the company and the employees to run in the profits.

Merits and demerits:

  • They feel happy when they select the right person for the job.
  • They get as chance to understand the staff and management.
  • It will be stressful job to work as a bridge between the employees and the management.
  • They should take serious decisions sometimes.

If they do the SAP course along with the HR, they can settle in the software field and they will get good salaries.


The national institute of personal management is conducting the professional in human resource and senior professional in human resource to test the abilities of the candidate in the HR field. They will give a certificate for four years and it is also conducting two year PG diploma course in personal management. To increase the HR knowledge, we can see the www., www. and www. .

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