Review of top 100 international educational institutes / universities

December 16th, 2012| Education.

In the international top 100 educational institutes list, our Indian educational institutes names are not found. However the other Asian countries have shown their efficiency and workmanship and secured the ranks in the list. The Times Higher Education and Q.S. International Institutes of London have jointly released the list of top universities.

The Educational institutes of Britain and America have occupied the top ranks in the list. The 16 educational institutes related to the Asian countries of Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore, have occupied in the list top 100 educational institutes. Previously only 14 educational institutes of these countries are in the list. The University of Tokyo, Japan, which is the best university in the Asia has occupied the rank 22 in the list.

In the top 10 universities, the (4) institutes of Britain country have occupied the rank. The prestigious Oxford University rank has been reduced from 4 to 5 in the list. In the top 100 universities list, 36 American universities names are there. If compared to the previous year 6 institutes have lost their rank in the top 100 Institutes list.

After America and Britain, the Australia Educational Institutes have shown their quality and proved their standards in respective branches. Due to development only they achieved top rank. The several Educational institutes of Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea have gained better ranks than European countries. Hence it is more important and significant.

The international top 20 Universities list:

    • Howard University of America.
    • Cambridge University  of America
    • Yell University of America,
    • University College, London Brittan
    • Imperial college, London,  Brittan
    • Oxford University, Brittan Chicago university , America
    • Princeton University, America
    • Massachusetts institute of technology, America
    • Colombia university, America
    • Pennsylvania University , America
    • John Haskins University, America
    • Duke University, America
    • Carnell University, America
    • Stanford University, America
    • Australian National university, Australia
    • McGill university, Canada
    • Michigan university, America

Our Indian educational institutions are not listed in the top 100 international educational institutes list. But in top 200 list, two Indian Universities are there. The Indian Institute of Technology, (I.I.T.) Mumbai has got 163 rank. The I.I.T. Delhi has got the 181 place.  The China country has got good ranks. In top 100 Universities list, 2 places and top 200 list 6 places have gained by the China Universities.