Review and Storyline of ROBO movie | Moral / message conveyed by its director Shankar

October 4th, 2010| In India.

Review and Story line of ROBO movie | Moral / message conveyed by its director Shankar
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Collection stamina of South India Real Super Star, Rajnikanth, stunning beauty of Aiswarya Rai and talent of director Shankar are the main reasons behind experimenting ‘Robo’ and daring for spending such huge amounts on the production of this movie. Science fiction story which makes people to fly in imaginative world, and the screenplay which makes people to get involved in the movie. These itself are not enough. Actually, what is life? Is it enough to have emotions? If emotions and responses are programmed to a machine, can it turn in to human being? Apart of life processes, are emotions the only difference between living and non living material. Then what about special feature of ‘common sense’ acquired through evolution during crores of years, and passed on to generations on through genetic lineup? Robo Story is designed in this manner which can also give scope for such philosophical queries. And they have been successful in projecting in an effective manner. Shankar portrays the character of ‘robo’, by the name ‘chitti’, asking questions like ‘what is life?’, and ‘Are these the differences between you and our machines?’.  Taking the story and discussions in to deeper, ‘robo’ character plans to create a new creatures called ‘Robo Sapiens’ by creating a ‘programmed’ male living cell and by injecting it in to Aishwarya Rai.
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Actually, the main intention of the robo  creator, Vaseekaran (Name of Hero Rajnikanth’s character in the film), is to create robots which can participate in wars in order to reduce the loss of life occurring in these wars. He creates the robo in such a manner that they can detect landmines, and can diffuse them. But technology is sharp on both the sides. There is no use of high technology robots, even if they are programmed to express and percept emotions and when they don’t have real sensual knowledge. In such cases, when negative forces in the society ‘corrupts’ that machine or robot, these robots itself become explosive items and can damage the entire society. This is the  story line up of the movie, Robo.
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In order to show the aspect of emotions effectively, Shankar has selected the idea of love between robo and Aiswarya Rai. In this movie, Robo can scan thousands of pages and can store the content in its memory, it can withstand 1000 degrees heat also, it can cook food, it can serve as mid-wifery, it can also exhibit all kinds of arts such as dance, fights, mathematics and others; but it can’t understand the feelings of unwillingness of a girl to be seen without clothes on her body. Shankar focuses on the point that machines can’t be equal to humans at any time, through some incidents in the movie. This is the climax. He is making people to think, by warning that robots have started thinking.

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