S.C students scholarships can be drawn from ATMS directly | BENEFITS FOR S.C. STUDENTS

September 23rd, 2012| Education, Finance, News.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh, have taken steps to provide the S.C students scholarships through on line In view of this decision the scholarship amount is directly crediting to the students bank account In view of this procedure, there is no possibility for commitment of irregularities at any level and delay. From past five years, Government has enhanced the number of scholarships in large scale.

With the post metric scholarship and Fee reimbursement, the scheduled caste students of the state have benefited and studying their higher education without any obstructions and they can be very happy and can plan for their better future.

-In the state scheme of Scholarships and fee reimbursement list, the S.C. candidates are 5,56,000.
-In the year 2008-09, Rs. 471.85 crores are released for the post metric scholarship 2009-10, first quarter Rs. 102.65 crores.
-30% increase in Scholarships.
-The Government of A.P have enhanced the scholarships for the students who are studying technical courses duly staying at hostel, from Rs. 760/- to 962/-. For P.G. students it is increased from Rs. 525/- to Rs. 682/-. For Inter degree students it is increased from Rs. 400/- to Rs. 520. For Day scholar SC students of P.G to Technical courses the scholarship is increased from Rs. 300/- to 429/-. And for the Degree 2nd year 3rd year students from Rs.185/- to Rs. 240/-. For Inter and Degree students it is increased from Rs. 140/- o Rs. 180/-