S2C Global Systems, Texas company is planning to sell water in India through a pipe line from Alaska to India | A water hub is constructed to store Alaska water

October 7th, 2010| In India.

S2C Global Systems, Texas company is planning to sell water in India through a pipe line from Alaska to India | A water hub is constructed to store Alaska water

Till now we have seen and are using made in America products.  But now, we can even drink made in America water.  American companies are saying that they can supply pure, clean and sweet natural drinking water from poles.  The company has come forward to establish a water hub, supply water from Alaska to India through a pipe line and sell that water.  This is the first time that efforts are being made to supply water from one country to other country.  Earlier experts has commented that all the coming wars will be for water.  Environmentalists are now worried that selling water through pipelines may be the first step towards future wars for water.

Water has changed the fate of many things on this earth.  It has influence many lives.  Be it a king or a pauper, water is necessary.  Clean and pure drinking water has become a costly affair.  Water is being sold in every nook and corner of the world.  America is going to be a partner in this.  A company from Texas, America has intensified its efforts in this direction.  Alaska is one of the states of America which has sufficient oil reserves.  There is no shortage of water as Alaska is in polar region.  S2C Global Systems, a Company belonging to Texas is planning to utilize these water resources.  And as a part of it, it is trying to construct a world water hub at India.  ‘Blue Lake’ is a place in Alaska.  A port is also situated here.  Pure water is available here as this is a polar region.

A pipeline will be constructed from Alaska to India.  Most part of these pipelines will be in Oceans.  Water will be supplied through these pipelines from Alaska.    The company is estimating that water supplied through pipes may not meet the demand which is in India and other countries and is planning to send water through water tankers in large ships.  As there is a port there would be no problem for the coming and going of water tankers.  The water supplied through pipes and water tankers will be stored at India.  Basing on the demand, this water will be supplied to various parts of India and nearby Arab countries and also for some countries in Africa.

These countries are experiencing severe shortage of water and water is purified in these countries through desalination method.  As an alternative the company is planning to supply water to these countries.  Desalinated water is much cheaper than the Alaska water, so the company may claim that Alaska water is pure and natural. The company has kept it a secret, the place where the water hub is going to be constructed in India.  The company also has not informed whether there were any discussions regarding this matter with India or not.

According to the World Water Council, drinking water percentage is more at the polar region.  And more percentage of people is living at equator. And so there is a shortage of water and the governments are also not taking necessary measures.  There is an estimation that nearly 100 crore people all over the world are facing shortage of drinking water.  It is very rate that water is imported from other countries.  Water was exported in emergencies by America to Canada and Malaysia to Singapore. But this is the first time that a water hub is being built to supply water.

There are a lot of change due to environmental changes like the melting of ice and rainfall.  Some rivers in Asia are drying because of this.  This is influencing agriculture.  International Water Management Institute has given a report that there is no benefit from constructing big dams for drinking water and agriculture purposes.  Since 60 years, 50,000 dams were built all over the world but there is not much benefit from them.  So, new methods have to be adopted to find a solution to water problem.  But it is a dangerous situation that water is becoming a business commodity.  This may lead to water wars.

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