How to get Sabarimala Ayyappa Darshan Advance Coupon from

November 29th, 2011| News.

How to get Ayyappa Darshan Advance Coupon | Obtaining Advance Q coupon for Ayyappa darshan
Advance Q-Placement Coupon
No charges are collected for booking the queue coupon in the website. This is a system introduced by Kerala Police for the convenience of devotees. This website can be opened through Firefox or Google Chrome. Before beginning the process one should keep any one of electric bill, driving license PAN card, rational card, student photo identity card. These numbers has to be registered in the website. A 30kb size photo also should be kept ready in the computer. Voter card is also necessary. The coupon register page will not appear for more than three minutes. If the registration process cannot be completed within this time one should click the refresh button and start once again.

  • Step 1: After entering the Sabarimala Kerala Police website www., one can view the ‘Advanced Queue-placement coupon’. The process of registration can begin by clicking on the ‘Click Here for Queue-coupon booking’ option. A window will open from the month and ate can be selected.
  • Step 2: The coupons in the times on the particular dates will appear. The time for which the coupon is required should be selected and the ‘Book now’ button has to be clicked. Then the registration page will appear.
  • Sabarimala Q coupon Booking
  • Step 3: In this registration page, the devotees have to give the number of people and the route in which devotees are going to the temple should be selected. The letters in the security code should be written in the box below. Click on ‘submit’ button which is present at the bottom of the page. Another page with the registration number allotted to the devotee will appear.
  • Step 4: Click on the ‘Add pilgrim details’. Name, sex, age, address, identity card number etc are to be entered here. Click on the browse button which is opposite to the ‘Photo’ option and choose the phone which is in the computer.
  • Step 5: Click on ‘Save and Print coupon’. The PDF form of the details can be taken printout. This should be produced for the verification of the police along with original identity cards.

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