Sachin’s blood used for first page of Opus Publishers Book .. Costs $75000 each one

July 23rd, 2010| In India.

Sachin’s blood used for first page of Opus Publishers Book .. Costs $75000 each one

Number of people who want to see Sachin or shake hand with him  at least once  in their life time,  is in crores.  That is why Sachin Tendulkar is called the God of Indian cricket.  An organization named Opus has tried to utilize this craze into money for a good purpose.  It is publishing a book for this cause.  Sachin’s blood is used to write the first page of the book.  This organization writes the life histories of famous personalities.  It has already published the life histories of many persons world over.  Presently it is publishing the life history of Sachin Tendulkar.

This book weighs 37 kgs with 852 pages.  This book contains the rare photographs of Sachin and details of his career.  Each paper is of half square meter.  Signature page of the book contains the blood of Sachin.  A little blood is colleted from Sachin’s body and mixed with the paper pulp to make 10 pages.  These pages which are red in color will be used in 10 books.  Each book costs 75 thousand dollars.  In Indian currency it is 35 lakh rupees.  Only 10 books are being published.  All the books are already booked.  The will be ready by February next year.  It will be released during the One day world cup series which is to be held in India. DNA profile of Sachin Tendulakar is also given in the book.  DNA tests were done for Sachin’s spit and results are printed in this book.  The pages of the book have a golden line along the borders.

The amount of three and a half crore  rupees  which is from the sales of the book will be given to the Tedndulkar Charitable foundation.  A school is to be set up in Mumbai with this money.

Many people cannot afford to buy this book.  Another one thousand books are being printed without Sachin’s blood. This book will contain 75% of the matter present in  the original book.  Pages are of half square  meter size.  Sachin’s DNA profile will also be given in this book.  This book may going to cost between 1 lakh to 1 ½ lakh of rupees. The publishers are planning to print another small book with the same matter, which may be priced between 10 to 15 thousand rupees.  Some people may not like it.

Making a page with blood may not be liked by some persons. Representatives of Opus are saying that these books are not affordable by many people.  Some people may not digest the thing  that the pages are made with blood.  But Sachin is a God to crores of people.  God cannot be taken to every person.  This is a way we have thought of to take Sachin to the people they informed.

Opus is a media organization.  They are publishing art pieces like books with information not to known to the public.  This London based company is presently publishing books on Maradona, Formula one, Manchester United Club, Disney Corporation, Wimbledon and some other celebrities.  But blood is not used anywhere.  Sachin spent his 2009 summer in London along with his family.  The agreement was signed between the book publishing company and Sachin at that time.  A web site is also being designed for him. It contains photos and videos and many more things.

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